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Consons Electronic Technology Ltd.

Consons Electronic Technology Limited was founded in 2000, providing one-stop EMS services for electronic products including PCB manufacturing,PCB Assembly,testing, molding,final assembly and packaging, etc.

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Production Capability:Flexi board: 50,000 sq.m. /Rigid PCB: 100,000 sq.m./15 Automatic SMT Lines +4 Dip-through Lines/ICT,AOI,X-Ray

Bulk headphones supplier of audiophile-grade products

Whether for sports, relaxation, or traveling, headphones are always there. They allow you to experience a full range of emotions without disturbing others. You put on your headphones, turn on your favorite music, and you’re good to go. That’s why people search for stereo headphones online and are willingly upgrading to decent pairs.

If you run an electronics or music store, consider cooperating with a reliable Chinese supplier. Consons Electronics has over fifteen years of experience and offers a variety of in-ear and on-ear designs for your headphones store. Plus, you can benefit from our production capacities to stand out from competitors with the inventory they can’t match. With three factories and qualified engineers on board, we develop innovative headphones that can tip the market scales in your favor.

Our headphones are upgraded with inverted sound technology patented in the USA and Korea. It provides uncompromising sound quality, bringing your listening experience to the next level. Whatever type of multimedia you’re about to listen to, our products will make it even better.

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